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Adult Red String side stories

Red String vol.8 and more!

Posted 2014-07-11 12:00

Hello everyone! First up, have you checked out my new comic series, Love Not Found? It's a futuristic space romance... with botany! Next, the more relevant news...

Red String Volume 8 is close at hand. I am putting it together right now and hope to have it ready for Dragon*Con next month. This book will collect the final chapters of the series and complete the single volume book sets. This version WILL NOT be the Director’s Cut. The material within is the “theatrical release” if you will. It will contain what originally posted to the Red String website during it’s complete run.Those who enjoyed the end of the series AS IS will want this book. I will be taking preorders for the book as soon as it’s ready to go and will let you know when that is happening.

Also! The final Omnibus book will be a “director’s cut” of the series, adding in a bunch of new material to what would be Volume 7 & 8 of the single volume releases. My plan is to smooth out the end of the series. There are things that need touching up, smoothing out, and a little fixing. I have already begun making numerous notes. There will be added scenes, tweaked scenes, and at least one entire extra chapter inserted, and the epilogues. Oh, the epilogues!

I will be working on the Omnibus material as the year progresses and will be SHOWING YOU that material on my new Tumblr blog dedicated to the director's cut. I will be posting notes, thoughts, changed pages, the added scenes, and even the entire added chapter I mentioned.

AND THEN I will be running a kickstarter for the Omnibus book (and if there is enough interest a directors cut version of Volume 7 and Volume 8). I am hoping to launch it later in the year. I look forward to this last big journey into the series.

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Erstwhile Vol.2 Kickstarter

Posted 2013-12-02 10:00

It's finally time! The Erstwhile vol.2 kickstarter has launched. For those of you who are not familiar with my other work, Erstwhile is an anthology series adapting the lesser-known Grimm's Fairy Tales into comic form. I collaborate with two other awesome female comic artists and we each take turns illustrating a story. This is a FULL COLOR HARDCOVER book and collects six complete tales.

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Store up and running!

Posted 2013-10-16 12:00

We are pleased to announce that our Amazon store is now live. There are a lot of books in there already and there are more that will be added in the future. The great part of this is that now you can buy Gina's books through Amazon and your order can qualify for free shipping if you are an Amazon Prime member.

Gina's adult titles are not listed in the Amazon store just now, but they are available directly through the Amazon Createspace store. All of the naughty goodness is now available for you to have in printed form, including the newest book, Riding Hood 2, which continues the adventures of Red and the Wolf.

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